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2005-Mexico City. Taken on January 9, 2005 by Pedro Avila Rubio, as a UFO flew over the Plaza Mexico bullring between 5:45 and 6:00 pm. Rubio obtained impressive video evidence of an unidentified flying object at an altitude of 4000 meters over the municipality of Tlalnepantla in the state of Mexico at 3:45 p.m. The witness described it as a sphere with protuberances in its lower side–making the analogy of a pea with corrugated edges– which was precisely in the San Mateo air corridor, adding that no aircraft appeared during the recording. To see second image capture from video Go here.
2005 Kimmel Bay-U K-Jan 23 Photographer was trying out the camera on maximum optical/digital zoom which is about 12X. It was taken on Kimmel Bay (west of Rhyl) quite near the car park and the Asda store not being far away. At first I noticed the white blobs on the left. Seagulls? Well I’ve always found even at a distance some sort of a birdlike shape is there and it seems a bit of a coincidence that this does not happen with any of this group. Is the object above the roof of the shelter the North Wales Police helicopter? It is loud even at a distance but we were not aware of it.
2005-Portland, Oregon, Witness states: Driving to work in Portland, OR on 01/11/2005 at 7:35 am I saw two bright objects just above the eastern horizon. They were much brighter at first before they sank into the distant haze that you see in the pictures. The objects were moving to the east away from me, how fast I cannot say. They held in view for about nine minutes, so could not have been moving too fast. An excellent photo.
2005 Roseburg, Oregon. Taken on January 16. Witness states: I took this picture off my balcony in Roseburg, Oregon at about 9:30pm on Sunday Jan 16, 2005. I noticed the lights before they started moving. They were very dim at first but when it started moving they brightened up considerably. It took about 20 minutes to move out of sight over the mountains. I could not tell if it was round or triangular, but I got the impression I was looking at a triangle from the front because of the way the lights were placed.
2005-United Kingdom. Northumberland, 01-18. The UFO Casebook received two photographs from Alfred Dodds of the Northumberland UFO Research Centre on 02-04-2005. In the second photo look above the rooftops of the houses and just to the right of the rainbow and you will see the UFO closer up. These photos were taken on the 18th Jan ’05 at 15-11pm. I examined the photographs, and in the first one, the object was so distant, that I could only conclude that the object was oval-shaped. The second photograph, however, afforded a good look at the object, and enabled me to get a fairly good closeup. It is very difficult to determine exactly what Mr. Dodds filmed, but I posted here for all to see. source: Alfred Dodds. Northumberland UFO Research Centre.
2005-Texas, City of Kaufman. Taken on 01-21-05, © Lawwalk. Witness states: I was out today taking pictures of the chemtrails, at 11:35 AM. I was aiming my camera at a scrawny little cloud. As I was snapping the picture, I noticed a flash in the sky through the viewfinder. When the picture came on the screen, I noticed a gold-colored object at the top of the cloud I had captured also. I looked back where it was and of course it was gone. I really couldn’t tell much of what it may be till I downloaded it on my computer. I zoomed in on it and nearly fell out of my chair. It appears to be a craft of some kind with maybe windows or ports on the right side, in the middle. It also appears to be emanating a gas or some type of energy field around it, mainly at the top. An excellent photograph in need of further study.
2005-January 29-Chula Vista, California-Chula Vista pics taken with a Canon mini DV Camcorder, 4.0 mega pixels. The photos were taken near my home on Jan 29, ’05 at starting at 5:00 pm and ending at 6:00 pm. Again, felt «urge» to go outside, boom. Followed this thing around in my car for about an hour, never driving more than 5 miles away from my home. Thanks Jen for sending them to us. 

source and references:

© Jennifer F.

2005-Green Bay, Wisconsin-02-12-05. I was out last evening taking a few sunset photos on Green Bay when I noticed this bright spot. I took 2 quick shots… looked down at the screen on the back of my camera to be sure I was getting the photos… when I looked up again the object was gone. This all happened in about 10 or 15 seconds. Not sure what it is but I thought you might find these interesting. I talked to another researcher today about this particular photo, and he thought that this picture might be showing what is called a «sundog.» I agree this is a possibility, but looking at the full size image, it appears to me that the object in question is in front of the cloud cover, and not a reflection or atmospheric condition. (B J) original source: http://www.coasttocoastam.com/gen/page824.html
2005-February 13. This exceptionally beautiful UFO photo was taken with a cellphone camera, and is an example of a type of photo that is likely to appear more often now that cameras in cellphones and personal digital assistants that people carry with them all the time are becoming more and more common. The individual who took this picture writes: «I took this photo when I was driving to work at about 5:00 AM. The light was coming from the southwest. The cell phone camera that I used was a Sanyo 8100. I am not sure what this light was, but I thought it was amazing and I am very glad I had my phone with me. If it helps any, the light looked like it was about 1/4 mile away from me. I noticed in the photo it looks a lot farther away.»
2005-Mexico City. Ana Luisa Cid reports a personal sighting on 17 February 2005. At 9:30 a.m. I witnessed the transit of this flying object toward Mexico City’s eastern regions. I was writing an article on my computer when something shiny made me turn to the left and look through the window. It was an elongated structure of considerable size, visible to the unaided eye, which traveled horizontally at great speed. When I reached for my camcorder to shoot video, the brilliant structure made a sudden reverse motion and hid behind the rooftop. I remained patient and waited for it to emerge, obtaining the following images.
2005-Half Moon Bay, California-2/12/05. Here is the best of about 5 or 6 photos I took of 3 mysterious discs flying over the Half Moon Bay beach in Northern California last week. I was out shooting some black and white shots of the rocks when I heard some people on the beach yelling to each other to look up in the sky above the water. These «disc» type aircraft came from over the rocks very slowly (it was hard to tell how high they were, but the closest one didn’t seem much higher than 200 feet) then moved out toward the water. The whole sighting lasted no more than 30 seconds. Taken by Watson Morris. original source: http://www.coasttocoastam.com/gen/page835.html
2005-Washington, D C-February. While doing maintenace on the inteldesk.com website, I noticed something odd about the Washington image feed, and queried further. Some screen shots were taken. We have contacted the National Parks Service Police, as this is where the webcam is operated from. They have been on the site, but we have not heard back from them at this time. Take notice that the headlights of autos are showing exposure trails from the headlights, but the object in the air is not, thus implying it is stationary or hovering. We consider this to be a remarkable image. Several UFO experts we have contacted have agreed that it is a very remarkable image. Observe that the time as shown in the bottom right of each screen shot is EST. It is not known how long the image was up or when it first appeared before being noticed by the inteldesk.com site administrator. Credited to: «Casey Rea»
2005-Kaufman Texas. I thought you might be interested in this photo that was taken 03-21-2005. I dug it out of my files. It appears to me to be two saucer shaped UFOs either docking or undocking. See what you think…Larry © lawwalk. A very tantalizing photograph to say the least. No doubt it is something out of the ordinary. Could this be two UFOs docking? The smaller one beneath either leaving the larger ship above, or entering the larger craft? One of the best there is, in my opinion. B J
2005-Louisiana-My co-worker?s 13-year old son was in his back yard in Westwego, LA, taking a picture of the sunset on 04 Mar 05. When he downloaded his pictures to his computer he noticed a spot in the top center of the photo. When you enlarge the area you see a triangle with lights on each tip (second photo). If you look even closer, you can see a black dot to the right and above the triangle (close-up of this in third photo). Westwego is directly across the Mississippi River form New Orleans. This, another rare photo of a triangle.
2005-Paris, France-PARIS — Valerie Delalieux writes: My friends and I went on a school trip to Paris, and there we took a picture of the Eiffel Tower. In the background, there is a weird black spot behind my friends and we would like to know what it is. Maybe you can help us ? That picture was taken on Thursday, April 28,-2005, between 1 and 3 PM. We hope you can help us because we really want to know what that thing is!
2005-April 28. Timbo, Arkansas-Yesterday, between heavy rains, we had some boiling, rolling type cloud activity, worse than Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) would have seen. Anyway, I got my camera after 20 minutes or so, so the images I actually got are quite tame, cloud wise. We frequently see strange lights here, I watched the skies since we moved here in 2001 and noticed the heavy chemtrail activity. I have lots of chemtrail images also, but not many with a good digital. We recently got a fairly good Sony Cybershot 4.1 mega pixels. I am not very computer savvy, but I am able to enlarge the images somewhat now and see lights and things that I can’t identify. If you would like to see some of these images, email me back so I can email them to you. I was later taking the shots after the storms chemtrailing, trying to get the plane images. thanks to http://www.hbccufo.com
2005-April, 5. Mexico. Report received from our correspondent in Mexico City, Prof. Ana Luisa Cid. Images from April 5, 2005: Juan Antonio Lopez, a young man from the city of Culiacᮬ Sinaloa, managed to obtain excellent footage of unexpected UFOs over his city. Upon viewing the film, strange shining structures can be seen moving around at high speed. Vidcaps are shown. Our readers will recall that Prof. Cid has obtained video of strange objects flying over this vicinity in previous occasions. ? Juan Antonio Lopez
2005-April 5-Argentina. During an early morning skywatch, members of Ciufos-LaPampa? were able to capture images of a strange object in Earth?s upper atmosphere flying across the solar disk. At the time that the sighting took place, the skies over Santa Rosa, La Pampa (Argentina) were covered by stratocumulus clouds, which allowed for intermittent glimpses of the sun. This sort of natural filter allowed viewing the sun in plain sight and to detect the presence of an object in front of it, which remained static for a few minutes. This unexpected and highly unusual event allowed researchers to record the event for some two minutes, after which the object in question disappeared. Having made the corresponding vidcaps and digitized them, they reveal the presence of a triangular object with greater volume in its central part. A JVC camcorder was employed in this recording. The materials obtained remain in the possession of Ciufos-LaPampa.
2005-April-On April 10, 2005, the UFO Casebook received a short report with photograph from Russia. The image purportedly shows five UFOs. The photograph was taken on March 02 of this year over the city of Moscow. There was also a notation of a location called, Station Metro «Ploshad Ilyicha.» I want to thank the gentleman for sending in a most interesting photograph. I am assuming this is a legitimate photo, until further evidence comes forward to prove otherwise. I have emailed G. O. for more information. If and when that information is received, I will update this page. © G.O.
2005-Illinois-The picture was taken 7/28/2005 1:12:09 PM at Fort De Chartres, a partially restored fort in Southern Illinois. Neither picture was processed in any editing program other than to size the large one for email and crop the smaller one. You should be able to access the properties but if not the camera was a Canon Rebel Xt with a 17-85 mm lens set at 24 mm. The shutter speed was 1/250 of a second.-© Paul Sharp-source: http://www.ufocasebook.com
2005-May, Kaufman County, Texas. Taken by prolific picture taker Larry from Texas. His still photos and videos have been the subject of a UFO television special on ABC news affiliate KLTV in Tyler. Yours truly presented his photography on this special. This photo was taken after the special was filmed, or would have been included. A rare photo of a triangle. © lawwalk.
2005-Catasauqua, PA-May 15, 2005 time: between 6-7pm. I was out in front of my house in Catasauqua, PA on Sunday May 15th when I was taking pictures of my daughter and other family and friends. I saw and heard a small plane flying overhead and decided to take a digital picture of the plane to show my nephew how good the zoom is on the camera. The next day when I brought the image up on my computer screen I saw the object above the plane. When looking through the camera I saw only the plane when taking the picture. A big thanks to Jim for sending in his information and photograph-source & references: UFO Casebook.
2005-Camp Verde, Arizona-This picture was taken while I was horse back riding in Camp Verde, Arizona 06/14/05. I took this picture at dusk. Notice the squadron of UFOs in the upper left hand corner. They were flying so fast I could only take one picture. I only have this gentleman’s email addie which will remain hidden. It sure seems like a legitimate photograph, and as usual the objects identification is up for debate. If any of you would like to give an opinion as to what these objects may be, just drop me a line. (B J)
2005-July. I took some additional pictures of this unusual object that has been above my residence at night. This time the craft was towards the south and the stars in the pictures are a part of the Scorpius constellation. The roof of my house is barely visible in one of the pictures. This places the UFO at a fairly low position on the southern horizon. It is remarkable how it appears to be moving at a 30 degree angle towards the ground. Was the craft diving towards some other object that is not visible? I can’t really think of any other reason why the craft has such a slant. It has to be moving downwards because its direction of travel is towards the right in the frame. images© R. David Anderson.
2005-July. PHOENIX, SKY HARBOR ? My wife thought she heard thunder on June 27, 2005, so we went outside to make sure everything was picked up that could blow away. I walked around the front of the house to look for thunder storms when I saw something that looked like a plane on approach to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, then two lights that didn’t appear to move. They were spaced fairly far apart for a commercial aircraft to be that close and appear still, so I called my wife over to take a look. After a couple minutes it was obvious that it wasn’t a conventional aircraft. I went inside to get my camera and binoculars. I took several pictures as it moved slowly off to the west and eventually below the roofline of the neighboring homes. source and references: Brian Vike http://www.hbccufo.com, Image ? M. Di Silvestro
2005-June 22. UFO Casebook received a photograph with an unknown object in the top left corner. The object appears to be structured, and of a disc or saucer shape object. The photo was sent to us by an employee of Pentax cameras. Golden, Colorado. No witnesses to the object, noticed when photo was viewed later. The photograph was taken with a Pentax istDS. A big thanks to Tim.
2005-Puerto Rico. While I was at the University of Puerto Rico Enclosure of Rio Piedras, I was approached by a group of students who provided this photograph to me. The information that they provided to me was about a group of fishermen of ManatPuerto Rico. On the 31st of July 2005 at about 10:30 at night they took a photo with a digital camera while observing apparent unusual extended UFOs traveling from north to the south in straight form. The sighting lasted about two minutes or so. Report by: Prof. Reinaldo R.
2005-July. United Kingdom. The photos were taken using a Cannon 300D camera with a 300mm image stabilising lens. The original photographs untouched are available if required. At around 10.00am this morning July 10th 2005 I was sitting outside with 4 colleagues when I saw a very bright flashing rotating object in the sky. This I pointed out to everyone, and everone saw it. At this point I must say that I am one of the world’s greatest sceptics with regards to UFOs. I managed to photograph the object and have 6 very good photos of it. Eyewitness photograph ? Steve Mera. original source-www.rense.com.
2005-July. The UFO Casebook received the following report with photographs from INEXPLICATA-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology, on August 1, 2005. Images are dated July 28, 2005 taken at 19:31 hours along the Piramides-Ecatepec Highway in the municipality of San Juan Teotihuacan, State of Mexico. Teotihuacan UFO Photos by Ana Luisa Cid.
2005-May 30th I was writing an article on the vibrant property market in the North Devon area of England when I was consumed by the pictures my best friend professional photographer Mark Fowler showed me this evening. I immediately wrote the story and prepared to send it the major news desks around the world like Reuters. Today, local professional photographer Mark Fowler of MapkaPhotography photographed a series of unidentified flying objects across the Westward Ho, North Devon skyline. Mark was there taking photographs of the local scenery and capturing the sunset when a series of visible objects were seen moving across the sky. Mark Fowler said, » what are these strange images?» http://www.housepriceboom.com/ photographs ? Mark Fowler
2005-July, LaVale, Maryland. Sent to the Casebook by D. W. My wife took this picture (she was getting the landscape). We did not notice anything as I pulled over, she snapped the picture & we had to move on as other cars were coming. She was using a 3.5 mega pixel digi cam. We did not hear any airplanes in the area that day. We did not notice the object in question until I uploaded them onto our PC. Even then I did not look at the picture full size until, while going over them with her, she noticed «it» & asked «What’s that?» I made the picture full size & what «it» looks like is something with a dark bottom, a silver dome on top with the sunlight reflecting off of it the same angle that the sun was hitting us. An excellent photogragh of a saucer shaped object with a visible top.
2005-August 5. Mexico, Hill of the Box-Photographic sequence of Miguel Luna taken in the mountainous region of the Mexican state of Oaxaca, in the Hill of the Box. Photographs taken on August 5, 2005 at approximately 1:00 PM. The witness states that he initially thought that the «shade» could be a zone burned in the hill, but later noticed that it had movement and that also it was possible to observe the flying object between clouds. The images were taken with a camera Sony DSC-P73, normal exhibition and speed ISO 100. 

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source and references:

© Miguel Luna

2005-Puerto Rico-The following is a preliminary report of this event in Puerto Rico — the flight of a large triangular UFO over Puerto Rico. More witnesses to this sighting are coming forward, since there were more people on the avenue when the event took place. We would like any witnesses living in Puerto Rico’s Carolina and Urb. Los Angeles districts to please phone us at the following numbers in order to continue our research. At this time only one person has photographed the object, but we are aware that more people saw it, including administrative personnel from the [Luis Munoz Marin International] Airport. Tel.787-821-1671 and 787-764-3206
2005-France-Chance UFOs in France Photography sent by investigator Christian Mace› Cogolin, near Saint-Tropez, France. «…the photo: I took it from my terrace from Cogolin, on the 29th of September of 2005 at approximately 18:00 hours.» «On that occasion I was taking photographs of the clouds, it was windy and there were no airplanes in the sky, neither helicopters, nor birds.»»When I uploaded the images to my computer, I discovered two things that could be UFOs». Photograph © Christian Mace, original source: http://www.analuisacid.com
2005-Jersey City, NJ-This photo was allegedly taken in Jersey City, NJ, USA, Aug. 2005. It took place when the photographer had pulled over off the highway to buy some fruits at an isolated fruit store and he snapped a picture of this warehouse in the lot over. He said he did not even see it when he took the picture. (Source: Xinhua Forum) No copyright info available.
2005-Australia-The image enclosed was taken from Sydney radio station website 2GB. Last week here in Sydney there was a rash of sightings and they rang the 2Gb radio station, the callers lasted about 40 minutes of which Brett had called in and offered two photographs he took with his Nokio at approx 4am on his way home from work-I believe was the case.
2005-Mexico-A strange, unidentified flying object was recorded by security cameras of system 060 of Security Publishes Policeman in Coahuila, Mexico on October 05, 2005. The video was 27 minutes long, and was shown to the mass media by Homer Duran Flowers. «Approximately 3:00 hours Monday a call of a citizen was received who warned us of lights that were seen the east of the city, and when focusing the camera in that direction attracted this object perfectly,» it related. The film shows a round object is clearly defined, with a hoop in gray color and black circle to the center, turning, and at different moments becomes nearer then further away. © Correspondence credit: Santiago Yturria, OVNI Investigaciones, MEXICO, sources: INFO 7 TV Azteca
2005-Spain-Castellon, INEXPLICATA-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology-November 9, 2005. Angel Rodriguez, co-director of the Universo Prohibido site, sends us the following message: «This is the photograph of the UFO taken by a young woman from the city of Castell󮮠Apparently the young lady was not aware that she had photographed a UFO. She kept the image stored within her digital camera and it is only now that she became aware of it.» Translation (c) 2005. S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Angel Rodriguez.
2005-Kaufman, TX, 12-31-05. I thought I was photographing a jet at the time. It was several miles to the west toward Dallas. My wife got a look at the pic and wanted to know if I had sent it to you yet. She doesn’t get too excited about most of my photos, but this one she said was one of the best ones I had. A big thanks to Larry for sending this one to us. A really great photo! © lawwalk 2005/2006
2005-Kingsbury, London U K-I filmed these objects summer 2005 one afternoon at approximately 2:00 pm. As it was a sunny morning I felt there was a good chance of seeing something in the skies thus I decided to take my Sony NTSC Hi8 video camera with me to work. The sightings began in the morning and concluded some time in the afternoon. The 1st object a large white ball shaped object appeared while on was on the phone to my wife. Then some time later several similar objects appeared which seemed to be in an organized formation. Photos are ? 2005 KJ Kingsbury, London UK
2005-October 18- Photography of Mr. Demetrio J. Ramirez, date 18 of October of 2005, in Chihuahua. According to the witness, that day was of trip of weddings by the mentioned Mexican state, crossing in bus the passage of the town of Creel towards Divisadero, in Ravines of Cobre. At the Tarahumara Mountain range a panoramic Vista of the landscape can be had, he decided to capture some photographs with his Sony DSC-P150 digital camera. © Demetrio J. Ramz (Monterrey N.L.)
2005-7.45 AM, Sunday December 18, 2005, of the sunrise. When I loaded it to my computer I noticed a dot in the middle of the images, to the right of the jet and just below. Zoom in and check it out and let me know what you think. Several people have found other dots that look interesting one to the left hand side near to the house. I sent a copy to the MOD but have not had a response, I also contaced the CAA, they replied and told me they pass on reports to the MOD. They gave me a telephone number, which is the UFO report line. source-www.southendufogroup.com
2005-Acapulco-Photos taken by Jose David Mendoza Terrazas on December 13, 2005 from the Mexican port city of Acapulco, Guerrero. The eyewitness is a 22 year-old student and was in a condominium undergoing renovations at the Mayan Palace Hotel. The images were taken with a Canon PowerShot A-310 under clear skies at 7:23 a.m. Says the eyewitness: ?My heart jumped when I saw the photos on the camera?s screen and noticed the object.» source-www.analuisacid.com
2005-This photo was taken at Machu Picchu, Peru in early September 2005. It was a beautiful morning with not a cloud in the sky. As always, I was taking many photos with my Sony Cybershot digital camera but I didn’t notice the object in the photo at the time taking it. On close examination there appears to be a silver or metallic disc shaped object in the middle of the photo. Now the reason I believe that this object is either silver or metallic as there appears to be an area on the object off which the sun appears to be reflecting. © JW; source: http://www.ufocasebook.com.
2005-Canada-This photo was said to be taken on a ferry that goes to Vancouver Island in Canada, Nov. 25, 2005. Some debunkers have claimed that the object is nothing more than a bird. Personally, I just can’t see that, it certainly looks like a structured, metallic object to me. Sure, some images of UFOs turn out to be birds, but not this one. © Rob S.
2005-Brazil-11-15-2005-I was actually taking a photograph of the Arc-Iris on the bridge. I snapped off the first photo with my Canon D20 with lenses 75-300mm, focal position 80mm. Seven seconds later, I went to 200mm, and took another photo. The auto focus didn’t work correctly, and picture was blurry. So, I went back to 75mm, and took another photo. Finally, I changed lens and photographed normally. When I arrived back at the house, I saw what I had caught on film. In the first photo, a black and yellow object which looked like it had propulsion.
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