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اثبات واقعی بودن عکسهای مریخ


If the these structures are intelligently created, then what is their purpose? When you look closely at the image above, you can clearly see what appears to be a terrain difference right at about where a shore line would be if the city was on the edge of  land. The face is positioned in a way that would be visible from the city. So are other key features in this area, like the D&M pyramid.

Is this just coincidence? NOPE. The geology alone speaks for it’s self. Whether or not the surface difference is caused by water, I am not able to say since I am not a geologist. But, In my opinion just by looking at the image myself, and the anomalies in the region. It seems quite possible that Cydoina was built right

at the edge of water. Just like we do on earth with waterfront property

«Face on Mars«
-Take another look-

The less eroded left side has been mirrored to see facial features.
Image has been rotated 37 degrees from original position to see face straight on.

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4

The «Face» on Mars has now passed each test of artificiality yet proposed. These tests include a three dimensional structure, a lack of fractal patterns in the image, non-random distribution of the nearby small mounds, proximity of other anomalous landforms, an apparent bilateral symmetry, being located on the martian equator, having a culturally significant orientation, and serving an apparent culturally significant purpose. It would be an exaggeration to say that the case for artificiality is now compelling, and many thoughtful people will still find that conclusion less likely than all these «coincidences» put together. Yet the balance of the evidence, considered objectively, now weighs clearly in favor of artificiality over a natural origin of the Cydonian landforms.

*Present status of tests for artificiality of Cydonia landforms.

«Face» in 3-D *
fractal test *
mounds non-random *
nearby context *
bilateral symmetry *
location *
orientation *
purpose *

See this link below for more comparisons and proof. Mars Global Surveyor can take much clearer images than we were promised by NASA. The past images that MGS has released have been much much clearer than what we were given regarding the face. The image NASA released has obviously been manipulated. See the proof for yourself!

Amazing Structures!!!

The structures appear to have anomalous angles and buttresses. I used Adobe photo shop to enhance the quality of the image. In my opinion, I think NASA and the other agencies are doing a good job of speeding up the information process of revealing to us that «We are not alone». I would not expect them to show us EXACTLY what we want to see. Going on the data I have analyzed,  I firmly believe that the next set of images we receive in 1999 when they  re-image CYDONIA again will show without a doubt, what we know already to be true. These are artificial structures!!! But by that time, 1 year from now. We as an Earth population will have studied this subject long enough to realize what we are seeing is true.  The desensitizing of this information is the only way the global population can handle this. The world was once thought to be flat as well.

Through out history people in religious positions speak of angels or disciples of God. I think that we are interpreting the ancient texts inaccurately. For instance, Christianity constantly refers to Angels or Beings from Heaven giving us knowledge. Interpreting this through Ufology, it seems very possible to me that all these events may have taken place in the past. «Angels or Beings from Heaven» are being reported even today to be visiting us and giving us knowledge. Is it not possible that other beings, non-human, are also disciples of god? That they too might want to learn the ways of life through knowledge and respect for other life forms? I tend to believe that higher intelligence would lean more on the logical side

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