ارتباط هرمهای مریخ و زمین

Much PAIN but still time.

I believe this is what they are referring to…


We have to map all the correct places of the ancient energy grid.

The present 0° longitude is wrong.

The Elite moved the starting meridian from the center of the Great Pyramid to Greenwich (current planetary 0° longitude).

As we all know The Greenwich Meridian was established by Sir George Airy in 1851 and was agreed upon as the international standard in October 1884. It was a clever plan of the Illuminati, because if we all use those altered Latitudes and Longitudes we do not see any logic in the locations and coordinates of the all ancient temples, pyramids and monuments and how they correlated to each other.

If we can not see the connection, we do not bother to see the geometry and the geo-mathematics which is far advanced then the one we all use in the public arena today. Not to mention the connection to the monuments on other planets in our solar system and beyond.

As clearly showed in The Code, the ancients used completely different method then we today in the public arena. As we today can not duplicate those achievements with all the precise angles you soon discover which mathematical approach is more advanced.

Anyway, the truth is this: The real zero Meridian is in the center of the base of the Great Pyramid.
The ancient Egyptians were calling the Great Pyramid the center of the World.

Seen from space, the Great Pyramid is located on the exact center our planet, or if you prefer better, in the center of all the landmasses.

In any case, if you start from Great Pyramid as correct ‹s center (true 0° longitude), and you start to draw lines, all the ancient sites like:


Pueblo Bonito,

Teotihuacan (Mexico)

Cuicuilco Pyramid,

Angkor Watt,

Pyramids in China,

Eastern Island structures,

Machu Picchu,

and many other ancient sites, temples and pyramids around the world are in the exact place forming some kind of energetic acupuncture of the planet.

Those places are very important for all of us. In fact much more than we realize. They all speak to us…and we are just about ready to hear what they have to say…And to learn once more.

The evidence from decades of analyzing the sat images, geolocations, geo-mathematics, correlation between the temples, pyramids and ancient sites, had shown that the ancients were aware of those magnetic streams bellow the planet’s surface and they build the monuments on the spots where this energy is the strongest.

The ruling Elite knows all about this ancient knowledge and had put obelisks on the exact locations around the world to gain their evil acupuncture results.

Now let’s proceed…

Those places are very important for human beings who are on the side of Light because they can be utilized to stop the evil of our planet and to unleash healing process of our planet. The statistics is showing that our planet is dying, the leading media are suppressing the catastrophic percentage of dying species, and every month more and more are gone, and more and more death ocean zones are appearing. The climate is almost out of control, so we have to take steps, now.

Fallowing the pattern of their chess moves, they are forcing Shadow Government to proceed their plan of destroying the planetary economy possibly around spring 2009, so that means that it want be long before they start showing us their real face.





We have a little time to unite, organize, figure out what can we do and act.

Waiting for the final minute I believe is a wrong option.

Now let’s forget everything else and concentrate what we as humans can do.

As you probably conclude, I believe that one of peaces of the puzzle lies in this knowledge: Info of geo-mathematics “The Code”, by Carl Munck.

We have to learn math from the first grade again, and this time the correct math not the one that brings confusion and not logic in all universal laws and expressions.



The only way out this is through unity and team work, so I believe it is smart that people create a map of all sacred places that are part of the true ancient planetary grid.

We don’t even have to go very deep into this mathematical knowledge, it’s enough if we look for the location of every ancient sacred site on every continent and start marking the spots, draw lines toward others and find new ones that was in the shadow before.

Once the new planetary acupuncture map is finished we can proceed further.


Another peace of the puzzle I believe can be extracted from this info: James Paul FuriaGeomusic expert.

I will explain about him shortly, but let’s continue further.

The next step, which I believe is smart to do, is gathering of the people who feel and resonate with this idea and purpose, in these ancient sites, which are part of the planetary energy grid.

It is better that most of the people have already experience in the meditative arts and altered states of consciousness.

There are many who can lead the group meditation and they should organize the group and explain them the basics and the purpose that we try to accomplish. When thousands of people come to one of the locations marked using the Code, they will all have to seat and have to enter a state of inertia and stillness. In fact this will work only if millions gather on the same day and on the same time – adjusted to time zones, and all tune to this psionic field of our planet with the focus to make a change.

And it will work!

On the sites also we have to assemble some audio equipment.

Then the audio engineers can press the play button so the music according to the Latitude and Longitude of their exact geographical location can be heard by the meditators loud and clear. See the work of James Paul Furia – fusing geomusic with geomathematics of the ancient sacred sites.

Why do you think the Elite is desperately trying to suppress what happened in the History? This is why, and if we discover this and utilize this ancient knowledge the game will be over soon.

The exact audio frequency will generate the vibration that all meditators will soon tune to, and a powerful field of clean mental energy will manifest as result of that. In this point this force can be focused.

In other words, with previous experience in meditation and helped by the precise audio frequency that will activate the pineal gland, the group will be able to tune into the same wavelength, to materialize a clean psychic force in the surrounding space. We have to the best of science and the best of Esotheric knowledge to achieve this. The balance between the intellectual power and spiritual power.

The key lies in the middle of those two. Ones you can see it in your consciousness you start to understand its dynamics and you tune into this new frequency. The nature recognize this and its start to help you and you become a channel of Divine Plan.


This has to be done on every spot of the planet. The audio engineers will create the correct musical file that corresponds for every place in the continent. I think, at least 7 places in one continent are minimum that we can accomplish this.

The best ratio is 7000 people on 7 biggest ancient sacred sites on every one of the 7 continents.

In other words: 777

The balance to … you know which mathematical number and which vibration.

But, that’s not important. We have to gather as much as people we can. The more come, the better. This 777 ratio will surface in the end because simple in this holographic universe everything is defined by numbers and codes.

We just have to remember that everything is energy.

We are energy and we are flowing in the ocean of energy.

If done how it should be, we can change the state of the four elements and lot more. Only if we understand this on time. Every thought contains energy. Imagine if we can do this on planetary scale.

We do not need guns to defeat evil, we just have to stop excepting evil to be a part of our reality.


Now let’s get back to Mr.James Paul Furia – Geomusic expert!

Geomusic is a formula connecting geometry with sacred sites, earth measures and music knowledge.

Inspired by the research of Carl Munck, researcher and composer James Paul Furia demonstrates a relationship between the notes of the musical scale, the locations and shapes of hundreds of ancient monuments, and the exact distance and location of stars, planets and constellations.

Furia combines the art of music, mathematics, astronomy, the study of the pyramids and ancient cultures revealing stunning correlations between colour, frequency, physics and consciousness. His program reveals a glimpse of the interconnectedness of everything in our reality reflected in our awareness, our ideas, how we express ourselves and shape the world around us.

In the link bellow you can see video file of his work. He is musician and composer but he has some extreme powerful leads that humanity can use in the constructive purpose if can understand and utilize the true meaning behind between sacred geometry (the correct location on the planetary grid) and the sacred sound.

In the Part 1 if interested you can see his presentation:


I also have a friend in Canada who is audio engineer and who is building something remarkable on the same Geomusic formula principles as respected James Paul Furia.

He is working on something called a harmonic lattice, the first prototype of which will cross the tactile, auditory, and visual sensory bands. The periods of the waveforms will be phaselocked and the intervals will all be tuned to whole number ratios, none of this Equal Temperament nonsense.

It’s not exactly the same as Pythagorean tuning or Just Intonation, and he had to work his own system out from something called a Lambdoma Matrix, all the intervals can be found in a 16×16 matrix, except for the illustrious tritone (if you know the history), it tunes interestingly enough best to the square root of 2.

The frequencies in the tactile and auditory vibrations correlate to colours in the visual band, whereby violet wraps around back to red so that all frequencies have a unique hue.

Some auditory parameters correspond to texture (ie a sawtooth waveform would have a rougher texture, square less, sine would be very smooth), while other parameters like numbers of notes played, spacing, correspond to visual geometries in 2D and 3D.

He had a near death experience, and he calls it total synesthesia. He was astraly travel to the center of the Milky Way and before he reached Sgr * he was stop by higher intelegence and explained that he had to go back to Earth to do some important things concerning 2012 Nexus scenario.

We discussed many aspects of the coming events and we agree in more then 98% of them.

I have seen his sound laboratory, the presentation that he gave me and the ideas what his work is trying to accomplish. I can conclude that its impressive and that he will finish this technology on time.

His work also included using high-tech to induce controlled ESP and out of the body experience. In other words to use latest technology like retinal display imaging or video glasses for visual, in-ear reference monitors for audio, and say a chair with subwoofers built directly into the frame, so someone would not have just a virtual reality experience, but an full conscious out-of-body experience. Astral excursion that can be used to bring important input from the higher planes of existence. And to be functional every time when this technology is used.

But this is just a small range of his ideas.

He is targeting something on a planetary scale something that has to do with the correct planetary locations found by the Carl Munck in his work known as The Code.

So we have few top audio engineers, who understand the purpose and can create the necessary audio frequency which is needed.

Let’s go on…

Using the best of what pineal gland can provide, a single group will have to convert this energy into a clean Light. A strong beam of blue-white light filled with creative emotions of love and harmony and directed as protection of GAYA, will have to penetrate the Earth’s surface and reach the highest point in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Remember the research of Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto who discovered that crystals formed in frozen water revealed changes when specific thoughts were direct towards it. We carry extreme natural mental strength but we are just programmed from the social system not to use it.

People just have to break the old belief systems to peaces, remove all chess figures and start from the empty board.

To start from the beginning.

Unfortunately it has come to that. But we can still do it.

Much pain, but still time…

Let’s proceed …

This energy is similar to a one that you experience on major concerts when thousands people are singing as one.

You can feel the power that is generating in the surrounding space.

In places that are part of the planetary grid, where there will be no people who are introduced to those arts it will be enough that they all sing the same song loudly and as one.

The song has to be emotional and noble and to generate the most divine emotions of the person. The only difference from the previously mentioned concert experience, is that you are not singing for fun, but for the survival of Earth and the protection of the all life that exist here.

But this would be a weak point in the energy field so experienced instructors who knows what are doing, have to reorganize and went to those places and it has to be done by the right audio sound which I mentioned before.

It’s like music, no matter you have 100 professional musicians, if one or two of them does not know to play the instrument like it should, the listeners experience this musical off balance immediately.

But if all play their instruments very good, the public greatly enjoys the musical experience and vibrate with the same.

We have no time for mistake. If people agree with this idea I can assist with all this.

Luckily, today there are rare ones who have not heard what meditation is and how to tune into at least as little as deep relaxation.

What ever I do, from time to time these lines from the 1977 message are coming back to me:


We come to warn you of the destiny of your race and your world so that you may communicate to your fellow beings the course you must take to avoid the disaster which threatens your world, and the beings on our worlds around you.

This is in order that you may share in the great awakening, as the planet passes into the New Age of Aquarius.

The New Age can be a time of great peace and evolution for your race, but only if your rulers are made aware of the evil forces that can overshadow their judgments.

Be still now and listen, for your chance may not come again.

All your weapons of evil must be removed.

The time for conflict is now past and the race of which you are a part may proceed to the higher stages of its evolution if you show yourselves worthy to do this.

You have but a short time to learn to live together in peace and goodwill.


Anyway, the Nexus is coming for sure, but we have lot of work to do, before it arrives.

And no one else can do it for us.

It just doesn’t work that way.

Therefore, to achieve this I believe we have to do this:

This beam of light, visible in the consciousness of the few thousands human beings that are meditating on the same place, will have to connect to all the rest locations in the planet where other groups of human beings will be in deep meditation.

If done properly, every group will feel emotional and telepathic connection with every other group and in the end, all groups will tune into one giant rhythm of conscious energy.

As previously explained, this has to be preformed in the exact same time no matter the time zone you are in.

First as described before, the audio engineers have to play the music sound according to the Latitude and Longitude of the exact geographical location.
Then after an hour or so, they all have to tune to Shuman resonance and to start influencing the reality of the four elements. Please remember we can use technology to generate sound or light but it is the most divine inside our beings that will save us and our planet.

Many of you are still asleep and you are on the opinion that we don’t have to do anything…that everything will work out by default…but that’s wrong. There is much that we have to do and in such a small period of time.

The awakening is quickening, and the Dark Side is aware that very soon the critical mass of people will start to see through the clouds of their deception.

That is why they are in hurry to brake the economy around spring 2009, to cause a problems on a global scale, and normally send the military to solve the problems they caused themselves and that’s how it will started with the primary goal – >NOW< one world ruling government which will wipe out 5/6 of the current population, small group on the top, and all the rest as slaves and turning this planet to a real dark place.

That is why we have to start preparing and grouping now.

Tomorrow will be too late. Today is tomorrow. If we do not act today, tomorrow is difficult to be seen. But the Divine Intelligences are watching us, waiting for us to grow, to remember, to understand and to solve our puzzle.

So, there is hope…

We have to step forward, not with guns, not with their ways, but with higher consciousness, with transcendence of the Law of Attraction, with visualising that we no longer want any evil in any form or shape to be part of our reality.

If two argue and fight, and one realizes that the fighting is useless, no matter what the opponent is saying, the words does not reach him/her because he stepped out of it, and has erased this person from his/her life permanently. It’s a plastic example but that’s how simple is, if we awake and do this.

The higher Divine does not expect from us to get guns, that leads to the Dark Side, it expects from us that we awake, that we remember, understand, transcendent and to evolve and to stop the Dark Side.

Make no mistake; the Dark Side is aware what is coming, so if we DO NOT DO THIS it will probably be over for most of us and our planet, before the Nexus arrives.

That is why they are trying showing us the way through the crop messages.

I hope you people will have wisdom and clear sight to see what I’m seeing.

I believe that, this is what we as humans, have to do, with all my heart and all my soul.

Once more,

People have to map the exact sacred places. It’s easy they are all over the place as ancient giant temples and pyramids.

To discuss this idea and purpose in every continent where there is Light workers and who understand the importance of this.

Once the beginning time is set accordingly to all time zones, the planetary group meditation can begin. It can not be done at first. People have to practise this many times before reaching the satisfactory level. We have to ask the audio engineers to construct the sounds for every place so that we all can tune into the higher harmonics of Gaya. So we have to do this now. Before the audio files are ready, it can be practice with one melody that has pure emotions but it has to be played the same in all world and in the same exact time, no mater if it is the day or night in the time zone you are in.

Groups has to consist of thousands of people who are able to meditate or at least able to seat in stillness with their closed eyes. The melody that brings emotions to the surface will do its magic. That is why the melody has to be the correct one and which brings inner fulfilment, emotions of love and friendship to the surface.

Then the people have to visualize the blue-white beam materializing above them towards the highest point of Earth’s atmosphere and penetrating down through the surface to the inner Sun that is in the center of Shamballa.

The meditation has to proceed with connection with all other groups around the world. That is why most of the people have to know all the spots where energy will be coming and connecting. In practice, you will tune into this field by default because our planet is hallow and the space between the surface of the Earth and the conductive ionosphere acts as a waveguide which is nothing more but a structure which guides waves, such as electromagnetic waves or sound waves. So we will build a wave of thought-sound-light energy filled with positive emotions that will also penetrate into the space attracting similar vibrations.

Once one rhythm of consciousness is established, people have to visualize Earth flowing in this energy, and all the evil fading away from here. To just visualize everything that you believe its causing harm in every form and shape, and to use mental effort to make it transparent, and slowly fading to total disappearance and the planet is left into Light.

The GAYA is alive and if we do this it will response back. Also the crop circle makers and others will respond to the signal. We have to understand the importance of this people.

I believe that we can stop the Evil that is upon our planet with the power of our feelings and that is the ultimate message that Nature and our higher brothers and sisters are trying to tell us. I believe that only then we will be truly ready for the Evolution as a race that awaits us at the end of Dec 2012.

Respected ones:

This is only the basic form and it’s still shaping and rearranging in my consciousness.

Perhaps many of you will think of even better solutions. In fact I’m hoping that you do.

In any case, it can be altered as long the purpose and the result is the same.

As more and more people will start to change, they will start to separate more and more from this 3D reality and become more receivers for this new vibrations, gathering powerful amount of input, from many sources.

When that happens, many will understand what was known to the ancients … that everything is connected, everything vibrates, even when you read this you are tuning into my wavelength and we are making connection.

We have to stop seeing blackness everywhere we look and we have to start seeing our selves as living fire of Love, Intelligence and Light.

Because, that’s who we are…Oneness of Love, Intelligence and Light…so common please wake up and do this…

I have started this thread…now you finish it.

Spread the word out…

Respected StClair,

Thanks for shearing your thoughts my friend. I really appreciate.

I’m most grateful that we have you with us. Your experience is highly appreciated and we can all learn much from you.

I have some experience with this also, so please allow me to share few thoughts with you also >

Perhaps many of you will disagree, but for me, the best posture for meditation is Lotus position. The truth is that only a small percent of practitioners are able to seat in this posture comfortably.

It takes long time and effort to master this position.

It is the most respected position by yogis, because it helps them to reach the deepest level of meditation and to achieve the topmost harmony of the consciousness and its subtle bodies in a way that no other meditative position does.

To keep it short, because we have to concentrate on the task what has to be done, when you master the padmasana, you are in a position to maintain your physical body stable for a long time.

Because of the fact that the consciousness and the body are connected and influence each other, the stability of the physical body will in time bring the stability of the consciousness .

If the stability of the consciousness has been achieved, the first step towards the deep meditation has been completed.

The Lotus position can also provide the best control of the breathing rhythm, known as pranayama in Yoga, and practicing it, a yogi can gain a full control over consciousness and its bodies with intention to understand and become one with the Divine Creation and Purpose.

Practicing special pranayama techniques, a yogi can absorb and use the prana, which is a free vital energy that floats everywhere.

The circuit of prana circulates best when one sits in padmasana and its strength is the most powerful.
But, currently it can not be achieved by the most, so we have to use another posture.

Crossed legs had to go like this:

First you bend the left leg and then the right leg above it. The left hand should be upwards like in the image and the right on the right leg as close as the point of crossing with the biggest finger of the left leg.

The backbone has to be erected as possible and in that position you mast maintain stillness.

Many of you will probably think that the consciousness is only important and if can transcendent its experience it doesn’t matter in which position the physical body is. I have concluded that this is wrong. Please take this only as my opinion and nothing more.

Anyway, the Ancient Rama Kingdom was far advanced in this knowledge.
That is why they all seat mostly in the same position.

They are all tuning into one energy field and vibrate on the same frequency with the nature.

Not to mention that they were generating high amounts of free energy, chi, prana, mana, life force, whatever you want to call it and were focusing it to constructive purposes.

We have to learn the same dynamics again.

Together with my wife, we have analyzed over thousands pictures and video files that are connected with the ancient temples of Rama civilization and what we found is truly amazing. They left us so many useful leads on the walls of their temples that we only have to look what they are showing and utilize that knowledge. I had study their ways and techniques for more then two decades and I can only say that we have so much to learn from them.

Anyway, I will construct few meditative methods that I believe are suitable for what we are truing to accomplish but the correct sound will do its effect and if the consciousness is ready and opens itself to true inner emotions, we will do it.

Not much knowledge is needed.

Just the correct geological place that has the correct proportion, geometrical design and location, all this combined with the correct sound, people seating relaxed in stillness and just open themselves to the most divine in them and reflecting all that to one beam that goes up and down from the meditative platform, and connecting with other groups and creating one energy field of consciousness that will want the change the Matrix of this reality.
Its useless we all talk about this on and on, and we are not doing it.

It is now. We are ready and we all wanted from the bottom of our hearts. We do not need someone to save us, we become aware that we can do it ourselves.

In fact people do not have to have a lot of experience with this. Its certainly better option if they do, but if not, it’s ok. We will do it anyway.

It’s like you go somewhere and all of the sudden you hear some music that is so emotional that whole inner being vibrates with it. You didn’t prepare for it. You have it all along. You just need a proper tool to bring it out. The music in this case.

Anyway, not to distant myself, too much from what we are truing to do here.
For anyone who is interested in meditation here is one simple way how can be done:

After you have seat in the position I mentioned, become frozen and totally relaxed in the same time. It’s like you had stopped the time and everything in the matrix, you have entered total stillness and inertia but in the same time your inner being is calm, relaxed and vital.

After few minutes in that state, become aware of what is going on in your consciousness .

Shortly after you have achieved that kind of awareness, you will notice that your consciousness is full of inner storms, tensions and all kinds of mental conflicts.

The stronger you concentrate on them intending to calm them down or even neutralize them, the stronger and more intensive they will become.

To calm all this manifestations in your consciousness you must build correct relationships with them.
That can be done in a very simple and effective way.

Start observing the thoughts that appear in your consciousness with the eye of a witness.

Do not play with them or even try to analyze them, just observe them.

Watch how they form and pass in their silent way, and maintain the perspective that does not have at least one crossing point with them. After a while, you will feel the source they come from.

At that moment you would be able to clearly see how shortly after they took form, they started to regroup themselves into chains of thoughts. One idea will pull at least few other ideas to the surface of your consciousness as a logical response to the first one, until some other idea with completely different context does not appear in your consciousness and again induces manifestation of other ones related to that one.

These thought chains will constantly be coming from the depths of your consciousness to the surface always taking different shapes on their way up.

Therefore, do sink even deeper into meditation, it is useful if you start to monitor the changes that your thought chains are going through from the moment they appear in your consciousness to the moment they are gone and altered by other ones.

Sooner or later, if you continue to observe these thought chains manifesting one after another still from the perspective of the silent witness somewhere in your consciousness, you will notice that they will reduce and after a while they will slowly start disappearing.

This is a completely normal effect because you are not playing their game anymore and you are no longer attached to them emotionally. If you continue to maintain this concentration your brain patterns will soon change and that will lead you to an altered state of your consciousness.

In the end, the last thought chain will disappear from your inner sight and you will find yourself in a completely new situation. Your consciousness will be moved directly to the present moment. Once your consciousness finds itself in the present moment, it will instantly discover that it is empty. Still, the emptiness that your consciousness will see in that present moment will not be a complete emptiness, but it will contain potential of all known shapes in the Universe. It might sound strange, but if you manage to get this far, your consciousness will constantly be aware of this fact.

You will see that in the emptiness in which your consciousness is present, a hidden reality is becoming visible for you. It might seem as if you are being pushed into the pure reality and you will experience your consciousness sliding from moment to moment as never before. This experience will make it clear that reality has a characteristic of sliding from moment to moment.

When this moment comes, all you have to do next is to attach your consciousness directly to that present moment and you will find that you are remaining in the pure reality all the time, by sliding from that moment to the next one. The feeling will be so vivid and so amazing that your whole being will float in the Inner Light.

You will be here and now, and that’s the starting point for every advanced meditation. From this point you can proceed with the suggestions that I have gave for tuning into the Gaya’s Planetary Psionic Field. This is the only true and solid way that you are connected and tuning into higher realities.
But, we will deliver what and how we can achieve what we plan to, so every comment and opinion on the meditative methods is most welcome.

پ.ن:شرمنده که ترجمه نیست از دوستان اگر کسی ترجمه بلده خواهش می کنم کمکم کنه.

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  1. age inaro betoni tarjome koni ke dg harf nadare merC az zahmatet

  2. merc az hameye zahmatat.omidvaram be hamin zudi tarjomehasho bebinam

  3. مرسی واقعا زیبا ست این وبلاگت
    جامع وکامل من که تازه پیداش کردم
    امیدوارم پرقدرت ادامه بدی
    مزعه های گندم واقعا زیبا بود
    نمیدونم چرا این اشکال برام اشنا هستن
    شمام همچین حسی دارید؟
    موفق باشید

  4. راستی از عکساش پیداست مطلبش خیلی مهمه
    زحمت ترجمشو بکش حتما

  5. ممنون .میتونی یک مقاله برایم ترجمه کنی؟

  6. خلاصه اش اینه: اول اومده گفته که هرم خئوپوس در نقطه 0 درجه حقیقی درجه بندی زمین قرار داره و این طول و عرضی که الان داریم ازش استفاده میکنیم باید اصلاح بشه بخاطر امواج مغناطیسی که در زمین وجود داره و با مقایسه فاصله بین تمام هرم هایی که پیدا شده ثابتش کرده و بعد گفته که زمین داره نابود میشه و باید این انرژی هایی که همون گایا هست رو درست کنیم و از تحقیقات آقای جیمز پول فوریه در این زمینه یاد کرده
    امیدوارم تونسته باشم کمکی کرده باشم

    • سلام
      ممنون دوست عزیز اگر بتونی ترجمه کامل را در اختیارم بگذاری تا به عنوان مطلب ازش استفاده کنم یک دنیا ممنون میشم.

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