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بهترين عكسهاي يوفو 2000-2003

2000 Roswell, New Mexico. No other information available at this time. This does have the look of a hoaxed photo, but I have no proof at this time. If you know any more about this photo, please let me know. thanks.
2000-Tabio, Columbia. Members of a ufology group «Contacto OVNI» gathered on April 2002, as one of their member claimed that he was in telepathic contact with aliens after 45 minutes of groupwork. They then saw this object appear above the group. They claim that this is one among 25 UFO sightings they managed to capture on camera, and to have shot 5 videos.
2000-Stinson Lake, New Hampshire. Stinson Lake is in close proximity to a United States Army training area, and this unknown could be an experimental craft, or then it might not be. According to the photographer, the object made no sound whatsoever, and it appears that the unknown has no wings of any type. Nice photo! Image is copyright J. Foss.
2000 Florida, USA. A picture from Fred R. from Jensen Beach, Marin County, Florida, July 23, 2000 at 15:20. Fred said he was the only witness of a disk shaped object that had an aura or haze around it. Very unusual as the object was being filmed just above the water, or going into or out of the ocean. Some claim this one to be a hoax. What do you think?
2000 Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Two UFOs were photographed Sunday afternoon, August 20, 2000 at 3:09 p.m. hovering on either side of the famous «Copse of Trees» (clump of trees) in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. However, the UFOs were not visible to the witnesses or the photographer, but showed up later in the photograph. There was a fair amount of activity in this area, but no reports were made of any unknown objects around the time the photographs were taken.
2000 Popocatepetl Volcano. On 12.21.2000 the main headlines of local newspapers Milenio and Extramex present a photograph of an unknown luminous flying object over the erupting volcano Popocatepetl located near from Mexico City and Puebla. The photograph was taken by reporter Alfonso Reyes two days earlier while making a report of the violent awakening of the volcano. It showed a luminous object that contrasted with the black clouds of smoke emanated from the volcano crater. The photo was taken in a 20 seconds exposure time and a 24 mm angular lens according to Mr. Reyes testimony.
2001-Norway-I received information from a moderator at our Forum about this photograph. I went over, took a look, and thought it was very interesting, and I think you will too. (B J) I took this photo in Norway in 2001, didn’t notice the «UFO» until it was developed. Peter Davenport from the National UFO Reporting Centre reckons it’s a seagull flying from left to right but no matter how hard I look I can’t make out a bird shape. source: http://www.ufocasebook.com
2001-Mammoth Mountain, California. Taken on 01-01-01; these were taken by Ron Reznick, a computer tech and professional photographer. To date the object has not been identified. As certain questions as to the authenticity of the photo(s) is sure to come into question … The camera is a Nikon D1… a very professional $5000 digital SLR. The lens is a new Nikkor 17-35mm f/2.8D AF-S EDIF in perfect condition. This is without doubt one of the world’s finest wide-angle lenses and is a very expensive lens (I paid $1500 for it a few days before the trip)
2001-Foster City, California, May 18. This photograph, and its companions needs much more information than I presently have. All I know is that it was taken by someone who called themselves Ilem. The photographer took several superb photographs of a UFO seen clearly in the night sky of California. Because there are two excellent photos, I have made a small webpage to display both images at full size. Each has its own enhanced, enlarged inset. If these are real, they are undeniable proof of UFOs.
2001- Melbourne, Australia. The Sun Herald newspaper sent the following information and photos to Ross Dowe: I have decided to send you some shots taken from my back porch in Kilsyth, Victoria, a few weeks ago. At the time my televison showed static and all the dogs in the area combined in a wonderful chorus .?Pic taken on 06-20-01. credits-Rev. B.Chatham &nsc@post.com ?
2001-July. Taken by Yancy Spence. Spence was an eyewitness to the Linda Cortile abduction in Manhattan. He is a member of the Intruders Foundation, and was at the location of the original event, when he took photos of several UFOs which were hovering over Cortile’s apartment building. photo © Yancy Spence. thanks Yancy.
2001-Budapest, Hungary. A military pilot recorded this shiny, disc shaped UFO on video tape on September 29, 2001. The pilot stated: To my left, I saw a bright metal aircraft that was the shape of a perfect disc. I was careful to film the object, not to try and chase it since I could not match its speed. A great UFO picture.
2002 Calais Region, France. According to the newspaper «La voix Du Nord» of March 10, 2002, CEPS, «an association collected documents, such as this photography made by chance which are carefully preserved by the brother of Claude Plessis, Yves, owner of a textile shop in Calais. The negatives of this photograph, expertised, were certified authentic (that does not imply that it is a flying saucer). At the time, the thesis of a sudden apparition of a cloud that dissipated at once did not convince.» The newspaper indicates no more detail such as the date or location.
2002-April 21-San Dimas, California. Sighting description: I did not see the object until later in the evening while reviewing the pictures I had taken with my new digital camera. I was snapping a series of shots to put together a large landscape. I have shown this image around to the newspaper and JPL and CAL POLY Pomona but they say that since I did not see it a the time or hear anything then there isn’t much to go on – agreed. I still think the object in the shot is very typical of what is described as a «UFO» and believe it deserves to be posted for others to critque and not buried in my hard drive…Aaron Eskridge…thanks to http://www.nwsurc.com
2002-Glascow, Scotland. The photographer or hoaxer said he took the picture at about 10:00 P.M. in Glasgow, Ayrshire, Scotland. He said: «At around 10pm 2 months ago I was looking out my window (I was actually looking for my cat that had ran out the door) when I saw this strange thing in the sky as soon as I seen it I just grabbed my digital camera and took a picture… after I took the picture I turned round to give the camera to my girlfriend… Looked back and it was gone… There was no noise just total silence. P.S. the pic isn’t great my hands were a bit shaky.»
2002 Oahu, Hawaii. On Sunday, January 12, The UFO Casebook received the following photograph and information. My girlfriend and I discovered this in a photograph that was taken on a digital camera in Oahu, Hawaii on the 25th of November 2002. We only noticed the object circled when reviewing the photos a week or two later. We were on the beach on the north side of Diamond Head crater watching the sunset. Review of several other photos taken at the same time as this one reveals nothing peculiar.
2002 Oregon-A family from Monmouth visting Cape Meares were taking pictures of the scenery. Excited about the photos afterwards, the photographer noticed something odd about one of them as he was uploading to computer. Closer examination revealed the UFO in top right portion. No anomalies were found in the film or camera to account for the UFO. thanks to Oregon UFO Research.
2002-Las Cruces, New Mexico. Taken on October 5, 2002. Witness stated: I took 4 pictures of the mountains to the west of Las Cruces, NM. The camera was a Canon G2 digital. The last shot taken at 4:49 pm was enlarged after downloading to a computer. Only then were the images of 2 objects noticed in the sky. One in the upper left was disk-shaped and appeared metallic in luster. A second object, below and to the right of the first, was apparently much smaller and/or further away. A previous shot taken 2 minutes earlier showed no objects.
2002-Norwich, Norfolk-According to eyewitness testimony of the woman, she sensed something was about to happen before the UFO was seen. This was taken in 2002 over her flat in Norwich with a 35 mm camera with 400 ISO film, using a telephoto lens. original source: http://www.nationalufocenter.com
2003-New Westminster, BC – A video was taken August 11, 2003, around 6:20 PM of a daylight disc. The observer’s wife saw a round object hovering over the trees, that flipped over and it turned bright blood red. She yelled for me, I came out and saw a cigar shaped object, I then ran back inside, to get my new camcorder and pointed at the disc but I had a hard time locating it at first, it was flying very fast. I was shocked. I wasn’t laughing when I reviewed the tape. I’m using a JVC mini DV, GR-d90 camcoder. Thanks to Mark and Jeff Rense, http://www.rense.com/general40/daydisc.htm
2003-Lake Michigan, Taken by Two Cam Mclaren, who gave his permission to publish the photograph here. Photograph was taken the last week of March 2003. Location Pier Cove, just over Lake Michigan. If you map to Fennville, Mi., go due west 8 miles on M-89 just across I-196. The time was aproximately 4pm. – Mclaren.
2003-Wisconsin-Photographer was taking photos of Mars, which was rising early on 01-08-03. Mars was close to Venus, and the witness took several photographs. He was not happy with his first photos, because of the cloud cover. So, he took a few more snaps, and just before calling the session over, he noticed a slow moving object, fairly bright to the naked eye. He took a couple of photos of it, and was surprised later when he reviewed the photos. What he captured on film was a definite triangle shaped object. Taken at 7:18 AM.
2003-United Kingdom. Air Show. GOODWOOD FESTIVAL. Santiago Yturria writes, «On September 5, 2003, at the Revival air show, two aircraft were flying in formation above the crowd when a disc entered the formation at 1:35 PM. Aviation expert Don Berliner informs me that he identified the aircraft as a US Navy F4U Corsair, and a P-40 Tomahawk fighter in Chinese Flying Tiger markings. The disc is about one third the size of the P-40, that has a wingspan of 37.3 feet or about 12 to 13 feet. Simon, a 29-year-old from West Sussex was filming the event with a JVC Hi-8 PAL camcorder and his images are excellent.
2003 September 11. The great UFO photo was taken by a webcam which monitors the historic Mt. Popocatapeti in Mexico. The original source is: http://www.cenapred.unam.mx/mvolcan.html. This is only one of many photos of unknowns that have been taken over the historic volcano. The area is known for its UFO and anomalous activities, and is under constant watch.
2003-Clare, County-Cliffs of Mohr, Ireland. September 21. I was visiting Ireland and took a number of pictures with a digital camera. I took a few pictures of the cliffs using my 3.3 mega pixel digital camera. The cliffs are about 800 feet high above the water on the west coast of Ireland. I took several pictures of the cliffs hoping that some would come out OK, the weather was some what overcast that day. I did not visually see the object when I took my pictures. Only when I was viewing the digital pictures on my computer did I notice a «speck» above the cliffs. When I zoomed in on the speck I was surprised, to say the least. One of our local UFO people suggested that It might be an «artifact» on or in the camera, although none of my other photos (immediately before or after) showed such an artifact. source: http://www.hbccufo.com
2003-Kentucky. Michael Franklin and his wife Marsha, reside on their farm in Ellsberry where they enjoy observing nature. After mounting his «deer camera,» at a hilltop grazing area to photograph through the night on Tuesday, Sept. 23, and into the next morning, the Franklin observed images that perplexed them… «we realized that the shapes in the sky were not normal…We just decided that people needed to see these pictures.?
2003-Iceland. Photo taken in Lyngdalsheidi, Iceland on March 29, 2003. This is an extremely interesting photo. It was taken by a 40 year old man, through his car’s windshield. He was only trying to capture the extraordinarily beautiful landscape when he snapped the photo. He did not see the unknown object when the picture was taken, but noticed later when uploading to his computer.
2003-The Netherlands. Taken in Amersfoort, Netherlands on May 17, 2003. Multiple witness sighting. The photo was taken by a 36 year old limo driver with an HP 620 digital camera. The smaller objects in the photo seemed to be controlled by the larger object. Later, as he viewed the photo, he counted as many as twenty unknowns in the image.
2003-Trout Lake, Washington. Taken in the summer of 2003, Trout lake, Washington, on Flat Top Mountain. Picture was being taken of Mt. Hood, which can be seen in the distance. Like many other digital photos as of late, the photographer did not notice the object at the time he took the pic. Only later, when uploading to computer was the unknown object noticed. source: Ron Schultz.
2003-Oklahoma. Taken September 20, 2003 in Yukon. Oklahoma. Witness/photographer was drinking a cup of coffee in his back yard when he first noticed something moving in the sky; the object soon stopped and hovered. Witness ran and grabbed his Sony cybershot and snapped the photo. Object soon quickly disappeared.
2003-Taiwan. Taken in the mountains of central Taiwan in September, 2003. The photographer couldn’t believe his eyes when the saw the object, as he was taking a photo of the unusual cloud formation, which is worth seeing in the full size image. credited to Brian Thompson, Taiwan.
2003-New Hampshire. November 6-On the 25th of October in Plymouth, Joy P. was in the middle of a train trip. While observing the landscape, she decided to take photographs of the passing scenery. One of her pictures of red deer in a forest would show a strange, flying craft of a trianglar shape. According to the Joy’s statement on the North American website Coast to Coast, when making the series of photographies, she never observed anything out of the ordinary while taking the landscape pictures.
2003 Jan, 11-Raga St. Alghurair, United Arab Emigrates. Mr. Muhaned Awamah, a computer programmer, who lives in Raqa St-Alghurair City Dubai, saw yesterday (Sat 11, Jan, 2003) at 9:40pm a strange object that suddenly appeared from the clouds. Immediately, he got his camera and took a clear shot of it.Mr. Muhaned says «I am very lucky to photograph this object, my camera already had film in it.» He added, «I believe in intelligent beings in other planets and this picture is solid proof.» He continued: «I was sitting on my apartment balcony when the UFO suddenly appeared. It had bright lights. Then it started moving toward Ghurair only to disappear suddenly, leaving behind bright fiery light which started disappearing slowly within seconds…
2003 Yorkshire, U K. The UFO Casebook received this information from the Northumberland UFO Research Center: We cut the object from the original picture, enlarged, and inserted it into the photo. It certainly appears to me to be a flattened, oval object of unknown origin. Photo taken by Mr Leigh Whellans of Widdrington, Northumberland, England. Mr Whellans was on a day trip to a theme park called Flamingo Land in Yorkshire with his family and took a good number of photos over the course of the day with a Fuji Fine Pix A204 digital camera.
2003 Plymouth, U K February. This amazing photograph snapped over Plymouth is being called one of the best pictures of a UFO ever taken. A city-based amateur photographer captured this image when he was trying out his new hi-tech digital camera at night.It shows what can only be described as an ‹unidentified flying object› hovering above St Budeaux. Another, equally stunning, snap shows the same brightly-illuminated object tilted at a different angle. UFO experts are highly excited by the pictures and the Royal Navy today asked the Herald to supply them with the photos – because they want to study them.

2003 Skurowa, Poland, July 26. The sighting occurred on Saturday, July 26, 2003, at 14.00 hours. The unidentified object was first noticed as it flew above the city of Skurowa at an extremely high altitude. Then it changed course and flew over a market. About this time, several aircraft were dispatched to check out the UFO. The photographer of the object quickly ran to his balcony, and took several photos of the object; the one displayed here being the best of the lot. When photos were taken, the object was not very clear to the witness, who hoped that the film would show the object good enough for study. The report stirred enough publicity in the area that a local newspaper carried the report with photograph.
2003 Rosario, Mexico-UFO picture was taken Saturday, December 27 between 1 and 1:30 a.m. in the «El Patio de la Madera» sector of the city of Rosario. The luminous object traveled from west to east at a speed similar to that of an airliner. Upon seeing the object, the eyewitness ran for his camcorder but couldn’t find a free tape, so he chose not to waste any more time and used his digital camera.
2003-Lake Erie. N. Y. I was out with the family on a Sunday drive to Lake Erie. We wanted to find a cottage I used to go to as a child. It turned out to be right across a bay from the Fermi II nuclear power plant. We took 3 pictures of the plant with our digital camera. When we got home and downloaded the pictures, we found a weird anomaly in the 3rd picture. We didn’t see anything unusual when we took the picture. We’ve taken over 1000 pictures with this camera and nothing unusual except this picture. Seems kind of weird that it just happens to be above a nuclear power plant.
2003-Canada. Summer. Witness states: I was on my way to my parents for the weekend. Stopped just after Port Perry / Ontario / Canada to take a photo of the rainbow (as seen). Never looked at the the photo again till Aug of 2004 (was just copied to my harddrive and forgotten). What a surprise and shock when I open the photo today. Thinking back when this photo was taken it was a digital camera (1600X1200 setting). I had pulled over and was out of the car standing on the side of the road. I do not remember seeing anything before or after the photo was taken.
2003-Sunday, October 26-The Netherlands, a Dutch couple went for a walk in Westerbork (up north). They also walked on the so-called Milky Way path along the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope (WSRT). Around 2:45pm the man took several pictures of the Radio Telescopes, with an interval of approx. 5 min. He didn’t see anything unusual until he looked back at the pictures the next day. On one picture of the first Radio Telescope he noticed a strange object.
2003-Taken in Cape Coral, Florida-The first shot-multi-craft, part of a series of several such images taken on 10-7-03. Thanks to Eugene & Linda for sending in their photos. Photo © Linda
2003-Taken in Cape Coral, Florida. Object was over the Gulf of Mexico. Sphere with red lights, is part of a nine shot progression series- revealing morphing characteristics- taken on 10-4-03. Thanks to Eugene & Linda for sending in their photos. Photo © Linda
2003-Cape Coral, Florida. Object over Gulf of Mexico. Brilliant sphere with cross-like light- shot 10-5-03. Thanks to Eugene & Linda for sending in their photos. Photo © Linda
2003-Cape Coral, Florida. Object over Gulf of Mexico. Silver sphere- part of a progression series shot 10-9-03. Thanks to Eugene & Linda for sending in their photos. Photo © Linda
2003-ST TROPEZ-August 5th 2003-11:30 a.m. The story began two weeks ago when I was taking some photo’s of chemtrails outside my house. When I returned home I was looking at the photo’s and noticed a dark object in the sky above the chemtrail (picture included). As I zoomed into the picture it appeared to be unidentified. Well as you zoom into the picture there seems to be a figure of eight around the dark object, similar to an energy field. original source: http://www.hbbcufo.com
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